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      Woodfellas was started almost by accident. Our founder Beau, moved to Virginia Beach from Ohio in 2003. After a while he found himself in a sales job that he didn't particularly enjoy. He decided he wanted to do something fun and unique so he started painting furniture that he found on the side of the road and selling it on Facebook and Craigslist. Soon people started asking him to make custom items for them. He decided that as soon as he could he would quit his job to pursue wood crafting full-time. In 2015, he did just that and WoodFellas was born.

      With little start-up capital, he was forced to improvise. The lack of resources turned out to be a boon to creativity. Searching around for cheap or free equipment and materials, Beau soon discovered the joys of reusing, repurposing and recycling and that ethos has become an integral part of the WoodFellas culture that they could really call their own, and providing them with unparalleled service.

      We have come a long way from a one-man show repainting discarded furniture; Now we have 4 employees, a warehouse space and a mascot appropriately named wink (who is our daily reminder to wear eye protection). We still love to reuse old things, but we also build furniture and fixtures out of new wood and sometimes even make new wood look old. But ultimately, our ethos remains rooted in the early, lean days. We are all about providing quality, hand-crafted wood furniture using reclaimed materials when possible, and we'll do whatever it takes to make sure our customers are happy.